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Weissman Program names this year’s interns

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FIRST ROW (left to right): Alexis Loeb ’02, Kyle Freeny ’01, Lauren Baer ’02, Miriam Asnes ’02, Paul (’52), and Harriet Weissman, Erica Levy ’02, Kimberly Collins ’02, June Mee Kim ’01, Jessica Cohen ’02 LAST ROW: Peter-Charles Bright ’02, Alana Semuels ’01, Pavan Bendapudi ’02, Caitlin Rollins ’02, Dale Muzzey ’02, Ju-Lie Lee ’02, Erica Michelstein ’02, Sashay Franklyn ’01, Onyinye Iweala ’02, Albert Cho ’02, Caille Millner ’01, Katrien Naessens ’02, Jennifer Liu ’01, Zayed Yasin ’01. Staff photo by Kris Snibbe

The Weissman International Internship Program, established by Paul (’52) and Harriet Weissman in 1994, is now in its seventh consecutive year of operation. The program affords sophomores and juniors the opportunity to participate on an international internship in a field of work related to their interests. The Weissmans hope that this work experience, which encourages students to work alongside the host country’s citizens, exposes students to other cultural and economic systems. For the past six years, Harvard students have participated on internships in organizations all over the world. Upon graduating, many Weissman alumni have worked internationally in an impressive array of professions for both profit and nonprofit organizations.

This year, the Weissman International Internship Program has twenty-two recipients, all of whom will be working in several regions: the Middle-East, Asia, South East Asia, Europe, Africa, South Africa, as well as Central and South America.

The Program is operated out of the International Experience Program at the Office of Career Services. The Program will be conducting an information meeting in October 2000 for interested students. The application deadline for the Weissman Program will be Thursday, February 15. For more information, contact the I.E.P. office or visit