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Annual Cost: $2.44 million

Workers affected: About 2,000

Harvard Bridge Program:

What: On-site, free literacy and basic skills training

Who: Unionized staff, casuals or employees of outside service contractors

How Many: 1,100 eligible, 500 annually

Cost: $1.4 million

Health Benefits:

What: Extend same health benefits as full-time employees

Who: Harvard service employees who work 16 hours or more weekly

How many: 247

Cost: $500,000


What: Paid time off, possible annual wage increases, Harvard ID card, access to Harvard museums and in-house training, among other items

Who: Harvard unionized service workers who work less than half time; less than half-time casuals who work more than 36 weeks in any fiscal year

How Many: 750 to 1,000

Cost: $540,000

Guidelines for contracting:

Who: Service contractors with contracts worth $50,000 or more that will last at least nine months

What: Contractors who employ 20 or more must provide subsidized health coverage for Harvard-based workers; contractors must adhere to University guidelines for disclosure; long-term service contractors must let qualified Harvard-based employees participate in the Bridge Program

How Many: About 500 service contractor employees

Cost: Potential increased cost for contracts