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New Mellon/Mentored Scholars named

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The Mellon/Mentored Scholars Program at Harvard, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, aims to increase the number of under-represented minorities on college and university faculties nationwide. By relieving undergraduates of some of their financial obligations and giving them the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors and other top minority scholars, the program encourages promising students to pursue Ph.D.s in preparation for academic careers.

The new (names in italics) and current Mellon/Mentored Scholars gather on the steps of Byerly Hall: (Back Row) (l-r) Sergio Campos ’00, Nicolas Guillen ’00, Stephen Quarcoo ’02, William Edwards ’01, Rafael Mason ’01, and Allen Yancy ’02;

(3rd row) Monica Ramirez ’01, Carmelo Larose ’00, Caille Millner ’01, John Burton ’01, Maya Payne ’02, Richard Williams ’01;

(2nd Row) Lindsay McCormack ’02, Aida Hussen ’02, Roxanna Curto ’00, and Naomi Coquillon ’02; (Front Row) Martha Homer, director of student employment; Brandon Walston ’01, Frankie Petrosino ’02, Joyce Keck ’02, Anthony Appiah, faculty adviser and professor of Afro-American Studies; Carino Curto ’99; Nicole Lopez ’02; and Christy McKellips, program administrator. New scholar Jennifer Franks ’02 is not pictured. Photo by Marc Halevi