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Law School Makes $100,000 In Enhancements To Hemenway Gymnasium

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Harvard Law School has added $100,000 worth of fitness equipment to Hemenway Gymnasium and has renovated two rooms to create a new weight room and an improved aerobics area. Hemenway, which is owned and operated by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, is located adjacent to the Law School campus and is used frequently by Law School students.

Dean Robert Clark approved the $150,000 project, which was developed by Law School Council members Herschel Hamner, Mike French, Craig Anderson, and Manoj Mate. Robert Haas ’72, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Haas Wheat & Partners Incorporated, a Dallas-based private investment firm, provided a gift that supported the project.

The Hemenway Re-Opening Celebration took place on Wednesday, April 5.

“I am pleased that we can act immediately to improve the quality of athletic facilities for law students,” said Dean Clark. “At the same time we are continuing our long-term planning to meet the needs of our students for premium athletic facilities.”

“The addition of new weight and cardiovascular equipment in Hemenway will enable Harvard Law students to exercise on high-quality machines right on the Law School campus,” said Herschel Hamner. “Whether students are looking for a study break or a high-intensity workout, this new equipment will fit their exercise needs.”

Administrative Dean Sandra Coleman was in charge of the administrative implementation of the project. Dan Ocasio was the project manager/architect in charge of the renovation/equipment additions. The project was undertaken with the consent of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Jeremy Knowles.