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The Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors

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The purpose of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) is to promote the welfare of Harvard University and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Harvard University and its alumni. The main work of the Association is carried out by standing committees of the Board of Directors, with each director serving on at least one committee. These committees cover such areas as continuing education, communications, Harvard Clubs, reunions, relations with the graduate schools’ alumni organizations, recent graduates and undergraduates.

The Board of Directors holds three business meetings each year in Cambridge. At these meetings, in addition to the transaction of the business of the Association, the Directors are informed about university programs, facilities, and concerns. They participate in discussions with students, administrators, and faculty members. Informed Directors can thus provide knowledgeable leadership in interpreting Harvard to alumni and others.

In addition, the HAA sponsors yearly meetings away from Cambridge in conjunction with local Harvard Clubs and graduate school associations. These meetings assist in spreading the current story of Harvard.

The HAA Board Membership consists of the following:

Elected Directors (three-year term)

Eighteen alumni are elected by mail ballot to represent the alumni, six each year are elected.

Regional Directors (three-year term)

Thirty-one alumni appointed by the President of the HAA and the Executive Director in consultation with the Harvard Clubs.

Appointed Directors (two-year term)

Seventeen alumni appointed by the presidents of the graduate schools’ alumni organizations, the Radcliffe College Alumnae Association, the Harvard Extension Alumni Association, and the Association of Harvard Class Secretaries; ten alumni who have been active in class affairs are appointed by designated Harvard College Classes; one alumnus each appointed by the Harvard Clubs of New York City and Boston; and one director appointed by the President of the University.

The president, four vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer of the association as well as the president of Harvard Magazine, Inc. and the chairman of the Harvard College Fund are directors ex officio. After retirement, each President of the Association is a director ex officio for four years.

All ex-presidents of the HAA, and its predecessor organizations, not serving as active directors, are honorary directors of the HAA.

For Elected Director of the Harvard Alumni Association (six to be elected), in ballot order:

John C. Yoo AB ’89 summa cum laude, JD ’92 Yale Law School. Professor, Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, CA.
Felicia D. Phillips SB ’88. Sales Operations Manager, BellSouth Business. Atlanta, GA.
Eva M. Plaza AB ’80 cum laude, JD ’84 Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley. Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Department of Housing and Urban Development. Washington, D.C.
Victoria Hamilton AB ’75 cum laude, MBA ’79. Acting COO, Source Media, Inc.; Principal, Washington Advisory Group. New York, NY.
Walter H. Morris Jr. AB ’73, MBA ’75. Senior Manager, Ernst & Young. Washington, DC.
Susan M. Williams AB ’77 magna cum laude, JD ’81. Partner, Williams, Janov & Cooney, PC. Albuquerque, NM.
Scott C. Collins AB ’87 magna cum laude, JD ’90 cum laude. Principal, Summit Partners. Boston, MA.
F. Barton Harvey AB ’71 magna cum laude, MBA ’74. Chair and CEO, The Enterprise Foundation. Baltimore, MD.
Barbara J. Wu PhD ’81, BA ’75 Smith College. Homemaker. Chicago, IL.