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Harvard Alumni Prepare To Elect Overseers, HAA Directors

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This year eligible alumni voters will elect five members of the University’s Board of Overseers and six directors of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). Ballots will be mailed during the first week of April, and completed ballots must be received by noon on June 2, the Friday before Commencement. Election results will be announced on the afternoon of Commencement Day, Thursday, June 8.

The slate of candidates reflects the deliberations of the HAA Nominating Committee, a broadly representative group of Harvard graduates whose voting members include three present or former Overseers as well as 10 other alumni and alumnae chosen by the HAA Executive Committee from among the alumni body. Excerpts from this year’s report of the HAA Nominating Committee appear on these pages. Candidates may also be nominated by petition, that is, by obtaining a specified number of signatures from eligible degree holders; no such candidates were so nominated this year.

All holders of Harvard degrees (including honorary), save for Corporation members and officers of instruction and government, are entitled to vote for Overseer.

Fuller information about all the nominees will appear in the materials included with the election ballots.