E-mail list

To subscribe to the e-mail list, find the word “subscribe” on the top line of the calendar listings. Click on the link and then enter your display name (Your name) and your e-mail address. E-mails are sent weekly on Monday mornings.

Calendar views

The default view when the calendar comes up is called table view and there is a long list of events without all the details (it just shows the date, time, title, and location); this view is so people can scan more easily to see if there is an event they are interested in. But once you click on an actual event, it pulls up all the details for that particular event and there is an arrow with a link that says “Back to Harvard University Gazette” to go back to the long list.

Also, on the left hand side of the page, below the search box and calendar grid and above the event types, there is something called Calendar View. If you click the arrow in that box, you will see that there are several options for viewing the information. You can choose which view you like the best (and your browser should remember the view that you used last so you won’t have to keep choosing it; that view should become your default view on your computer). The “detail list — description” is probably the most comprehensive view but you will still have to click on each individual listing to make sure you are seeing all the information.

You can also hover over a date on the grid and a pop-up menu should show up with events for that day. You can click on an event from there to get the full details.

RSS feed and printing

Also, if you look at the top of your screen, there is a gray bar with the months listed; you can click on a particular month to help limit the number of events showing up. Under that gray bar, on the far right, you should see an orange button that says RSS. If you click on that, the RSS feed should open up in a new window and it displays the events in a more print-friendly format and has all the information. You can subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also print from there.

Event types and searching

Regarding the index of event types on the left, if you scroll down your screen, below the box you can select “All” or “None” to quickly add or remove the check marks globally. If you check off just one, or several, it should display just events in those categories. Likewise, if you click on a day in the calendar grid it should list events happening beginning with that day (sometimes an event is part of something ongoing, like a conference, and may repeat, so the top few listings might show an earlier date).

The search box will only search event types that have a check next to them, which is why the default view has them all checked. It’s the best way to make sure everything is being searched. Also, once you type something into the search box, whether or not matching events show up, if you want to search for something else or just browse listings, you have to clear the search (in the yellow box that comes up at the top of the page).