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Jeremy Lin!

The morning began bright and early for 7 of the 11 trip members who were on van delivery shifts at God’s Love We Deliver (GLWD). The majority of the group traveled around all different neighborhoods of New York (i.e. the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc) while the rest of the group trekked into the office to fax and file papers. Although the latter task may pale in comparison to the former, the four of us ended up staying after the end of our shift to finish up the paperwork because it was really fun to be productive and have wonderful conversation.

I personally wasn’t on the van deliveries, but heard that everyone had a delightful experience driving around the city and talking to the drivers who have mostly been volunteering with GLWD for many years! It’s always really interesting to talk to the other volunteers to hear their stories about why and how they not only got involved but also stayed committed to the organization. For example, this women’s son was helped by GLWD for three months before he passed away and since that point, she has been actively volunteering since 1991 – when most of us were born about 20 years ago!

Around 4 p.m., whispers spread like a virus about Harvard alumnus and recent basketball celebrity eating lunch down the street from GLWD. We power walked to the café, creepily watched him eat and unfortunately only got some stalker pictures of him. The theme of the trip has really been Harvard alumni! It was strange to see a previous peer be crowded by so many adoring children and fans. Needless to say we were star struck and bought VIP tickets for the Linsanity train.

Jeremy Lin right before entering his get away car

The eventful day didn’t stop there as we explored Chinatown for dinner! Yelp, an online restaurant review, made our dinner decision very easy since Joe’s Shanghai restaurant was splendidly recommended.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious soup dumplings!

Our Asian theme night persisted as we ventured into Koreatown to karaoke.

If you’re feeling bold enough, you can even tune into us here: [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Perhaps inspired by Columbia Medical School’s “Musical Monday” tradition?

Our voices were about as sore as our dancing legs by the end of the night so we came home to rest as we have a full day of work at GLWD tomorrow that we wanted to be well rested for! Cheers to volunteer stories and celebrities – hopefully today won’t be our last encounter with both!


–Jeanie Nguyen

Harvard College 2014