Below are key areas of intensive, specialized coverage that demonstrate the breadth of life at Harvard and beyond.

A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 363rd Commencement.
Harvard’s 12 Houses are home to the College’s upperclassmen. Over the years, the Gazette’s photographers have offered regular glimpses into the Houses, reflecting the living spaces and the traditions that shape the lives of generations of students. As House renewal continues, another chapter in the center of student life is captured, recorded, and preserved.
Experience is a series of interviews with Harvard faculty covering the reasons they became teachers and scholars, and the personal journeys, missteps included, behind their professional success.
Harvard’s role in an increasingly connected world includes deep ties to Latin America, where faculty and students are engaged in a range of research projects and initiatives — from climate research in Brazil to disaster relief work in Chile to protecting Maya art and architecture in Honduras. Get an in-depth look as our stories unfold in this engaging series.
Travel anywhere through a world increasingly interwoven by the Internet, commerce, and fellowship, and chances are that Harvard is there, whether through established programs and offices, or in the guise of field researchers, alumni leaders, and touring students. Here is a sampling of those myriad connections.
A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 362nd Commencement.