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Matt Liebmann

Digging up the past

Archaeologist works with tribe to explore its history and to repair historic injustices



Director of the Center for Geographic Analysis Jason Ur has pioneered the use of drone aircraft to aid his research efforts for years, most recently using them to quickly create 3-D maps of ancient sites in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, such as this aerial survey of Girdi Dowlabakra.

Drone's-eye view

Center for Geographic Analysis hosts conference on using drones for academic research



Luis Castillo, standing before ceramic pots depicting women on display at the Peabody Museum, discusses his research on high-status burials featuring female priestesses in ancient Peru and female power in the Andean culture.

Where women once ruled

Excavated tombs of Peru’s Moche priestesses provide archaeologists with troves of artifacts, data



“This is a perfect example of the way the arts can meld into the undergraduate curriculum and serve as an important teaching tool for the big questions that archaeology and anthropology pose,”  said Harvard President Drew Faust (left). In offering some background on the course, Assistant Professor Matthew J. Liebmann (right) said, “Everybody in the course has a little archaeological experience because they all took part in an excavation in Harvard Yard. So everybody has been in the dirt at least one day.”

Faust digs Gen Ed

University president visits ceramics studio for hands-on lesson in archaeology



As the Department of the Classics’ newest tenured faculty member, Adrian Staehli studies more than just old pottery shards. His work explores the ways that Western cultures — from Renaissance artists in the 15th century to Nazis and Italian fascists in the 20th — have bent ancient Greek culture to their own ends, and how those interpretations shape what we now consider classical art. In the process, he tries to discern from fragmentary evidence how the Greeks actually saw themselves.

The naked truth

Archaeologist studies classical art, and what it reveals about other cultures