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An illustration of a tardigrade, which is capable of withstanding dehydration and cosmic radiation.

The master of survival

Could an extremophile hold the secret to redefining the treatment of devastating injuries?


ZIP code or genetic code?

Researchers tap massive database to determine the effects of genes and environment in 560 common conditions


Paola Arlotta.

Rewinding the brain

In the glimpse of the past provided by organoids, Paola Arlotta sees a chance to shape the future of how we fight neurological disease


A fentanyl user holds a needle.

A nation nearer to the grave

Another decline in U.S. life expectancy signals urgent need for more comprehensive strategy against opioids, suicide, specialist says


Massive plume from the Camp Fire wafts over the Sacramento Valley.

Breathing uneasily

As California fights devastating Camp Fire, Harvard’s Joe Allen explains when and where smoke threatens health