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Len Blavatnik and Harvard Corporation member David Rubenstein

The speed of discovery

Len Blavatnik visits Medical School, discusses philanthropy, science


Illustration of meditator with fear shadow

Learning not to fear

Mindfulness meditation training alters how we process fearful memories, study says


WGBH host Callie Crossley leads a panel on mental health in discussion at Harvard.

Mental health as a diversity issue

Harvard panelists say disorders are increasingly common, and it’s time to swap stigma for solutions in the nation’s workplaces


Brian O'Shea

What fuels prejudice?

Study rebuts theory that increased contact boosts racial tensions, suggests fear of exposure to disease as possible cause


Hospital beds

Treating runaway health costs

Study finds that a long-term trial of a capped-payment system encouraged preventative care and discouraged unnecessary spending