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Photo of street.

How America went astray

In their new book, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn return to Kristof’s rural Oregon hometown to find the roots of white working-class anger


Thomas E. Patterson.

Flight from reason

Thomas Patterson looks at the threat to Democracy in ‘How America Lost Its Mind’


Jenny Hoffman runs.

Run, Jenny, run!

A Harvard physics professor spends a sabbatical trying to break the record for fastest trans-America run


Mourners attend the funeral procession.

On the brink of war

Amid Iranian missile strikes, U.S. ambassador examines what’s next after Iran shrugs off nuclear deal following Trump-ordered killing of Suleimani


Asian woman standing in stairwell.

Unlearning racial bias

Miao Qian is developing tools to discern and reverse implicit negative prejudice in children


Photo illustration of rainbow pride flag and American flag waved by protester outside Supreme Court; man wearing Black Lives Matter shirt; mother holding child after school shooting.

The legacy of the 2010s

Harvard experts reflect on some of the most important moments and cultural trends


Chef and restaurant owner Jose Andres.

Food for thought

Superstar chef José Andrés visits SEAS with a message


Professor Martha Minnow sitting at a table with her book in front of her.

A plea for mercy

In her new book, legal scholar Martha Minow advocates for the power of forgiveness


University Professor Danielle Allen onstage at the Kennedy School forum.

Can this union be saved?

Contributors to a special issue of The Atlantic discuss the prospects of healing a riven nation