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Collage of Constitution and disproportionate voting power.

Change the Senate

Disproportionate influence of smaller states creates ‘significant democratic deficit,’ Vicki Jackson argues


Jamie Raskin.

Will anything come of Jan. 6 hearings?

Committee member Jamie Raskin previews final report, sketches out possible legal charges, proposals for election-process changes


Cemal Kafadar

A Cup as complex as world

Mideast scholar untangles anti-gay, migrant labor, geopolitical tensions rising as soccer tourney set to begin in Arab nation for first time


Claudine Gay (clockwise from top left), Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Sven Beckert, Vincent Brown, Annette Gordon-Reed, Evelynn Hammonds; Tiya Miles, and Sheree Ohen.

Saying their names

Scholars involved in Legacy of Slavery Initiative discuss findings, remind that each of enslaved was ‘real person …with dreams, with pain’


Georgia poll worker.

November surprise

Harvard analysts discuss Democrats’ ‘red wave’-defying performance, signs of desire for return to election normalcy


Collage of Capitol, Constitution.

Let the House grow!

A better Electoral College requires a Congress as elastic and flexible as the drafters of the Constitution intended, says Danielle Allen


Collage of civic engagement and discord.

Where are we going, America?

Days before the midterms, we sat down with three scholars for a conversation about U.S. democracy. The mood was anxious.


Harvard students pose for a group photo i

‘Defend Diversity’

Harvard students join others from around nation in Supreme Court rally supporting race-conscious admission policies


James Meredith graduates; President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act; Ruth Simmons is inaugurated as Brown University's president.

Unfinished business

Education has been a force for racial progress in the U.S., but we still have a long way to go


Luiz Elroy Terena.

Struggling to ‘hold up the sky’

Brazilian Indigenous lawyer talks about fight for Native rights, stewardship of land amid illegal mining, climate change in Amazon


Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.

No return to Camelot

Veteran Washington journalist Susan Glasser details Trump White House years in new history