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Protesters fill streets of Caracas,

Understanding Venezuela’s collapse

Kennedy School scholar discusses nation’s political unraveling, its humanitarian crisis, and where stability might be found


Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian (right) recounts his 544 days in an Iranian prison during a talk with R. Nicholas Burns of the Harvard Kennedy School.

A ‘Prisoner’ story

Reporters Jason and Yeganeh Rezaian recount ordeal in Iranian prison


A response to proposed Title IX changes

State’s higher-education association, with Harvard input, affirms dedication to environment ‘free from discrimination and harassment’


Whither that wall

Trump may be able to build it, Harvard analysts say, but then the ripples will widen


Kwame Anthony Appiah in front of a wooden wall

Lies we can’t live without

Set to deliver George W. Gay Lecture at HMS, philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah will urge listeners to rethink their sense of identity


Monika Bickert and Jonathan Zittrain looking up at a screen

The view from inside Facebook

Professor Jonathan Zittrain discusses social media giant’s ‘long year’ with head of global policy management


Illustration of young girl with abacus inside of head.

The machinery to drive ed reform

Paul Reville explains goals of conference that invites mayors, school officials, and community leaders to discuss how to make changes that boost students


Juan Manuel Santos.

A prophet of peace

Juan Manuel Santos, who won the Nobel for stabilizing Colombia, is back at Harvard to share what he learned