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Drew Faust

‘Living witness’ to a country’s turbulent progress

Drew Gilpin Faust on the spark behind ‘Necessary Trouble’ and the political engagement the memoir revisits: ‘It was a way for me to survive in a world in which otherwise I would be so constrained and morally compromised.’


Charles Ogletree walks past crowd of well-wishers including an applauding former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

How they remember ‘Tree’

Civil rights scholar, legendary public defender, voice for equality, yes, but friends, colleagues also recall kindness, generosity, sweet-potato pie


Professor Ronald Sullivan Jr.

Did Trump really believe he had won?

Criminal law specialist looks at latest indictment, examines legal challenges, surprises, political fallout — and whether trial will conclude before election


Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky.

Takeaway from summit: NATO is back

Former U.S. envoy to alliance notes addition of Finland, with Sweden close behind, Ukraine on expedited path, renewed unity in face of Russian aggression


President Biden and former President Trump.

Is age just a number? Ask Biden and Trump

Medical, political experts say concerns about physical, cognitive health of presidential candidates germane but evaluation complex, can’t be done from TV appearances


Christopher T. Kenny and Kosuke Imai.

Biggest problem with gerrymandering

Researchers found tactic, widely used in 2020, made little difference in partisan numbers but yielded safe seats, less-responsive representatives


Detail of campus architecture.

Way forward after Supreme Court ruling

Five education scholars examine how admissions processes will change, what it may mean for colleges, universities — and nation itself


In scene from "Succession," Shiv Roy talks in the phone in an ATN board room with election coverage on TVs in background.

Fanning the flames on ‘Succession’

Scholar who played pundit on dark election episode — ‘that was me behind Tom and Greg’ — describes surreal experience of ‘art imitating life’