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Emily Balskus (left), Morris Kahn Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Postdoctoral Fellow Matthew Wilson are co-authors of a study that details the development of a tool that may help researchers better identify enzymes present in microbiomes.

Gut details

Researchers’ enzyme advance could help to unlock mysteries of health


ToxinAlert, a website clearinghouse of toxic drinking water, is the brainchild of Harvard Chan School public health scientist Eric Feigl-Ding (left) and engineer Pius Lee. The site, which was made after the Flint, Mich., lead crisis, is supported entirely through volunteer effort.

Where lead lurks

Scientist’s website a warning system for toxic water


Gary Taubes signs copies of his book "The Case Against Sugar" following his talk for the Food Law and Policy Clinic. The acclaimed science writer hypothesizes that sugar "has deleterious effects on the human body that lead to obesity and diabetes, and that it should be considered a prime suspect [in the national dietary epidemic].”

Sugar stands accused

Author makes case for ‘uniquely toxic’ health effects in talk at HLS


Capgras syndrome is a rare disorder in which patients recognize a family member but experience that person as unfamiliar, leading to the conclusion that an impostor is impersonating their loved one.

Love interrupted

Researchers probe what's behind delusional misidentification syndromes


Professor Pier Paolo Pandolfi speaks about revolutionary developments in cancer care and how he sees treatment evolving. "We will defeat cancer. Conceptually, we can. But it will take time."

Fresh ways to fight cancer

Researcher Pandolfi outlines promising paths for cures, including targeted therapy, RNA medicine, and immune therapy


The African striped mouse (pictured) and the eastern chipmunk each have distinctive stripes down their backs that Harvard scientists believe are a byproduct of the cranio-facial gene Alx3 that both species evolved independent of one another.

Science of stripes

Study identifies genetic pathway in African mice, chipmunks