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Natalie Dattilo

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away?

No one knows why we do it, but it’s free, has no known side effects, and experts say it lifts spirits, lowers stress, makes us feel connected


Cancer cells.

Killing cancer with cancer

Scientists develop cell therapy engineered to kill and prevent brain cancer in advanced mouse model


Elliot Marshall Antman.

It’s heart attack season

Specialist says stress, medication lapses contribute to holiday jump in cardiac mortality


Image of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Severe COVID-19 linked with brain aging

Researchers see association between the cognitive decline observed in patients with severe COVID and molecular signatures of brain aging


Electronic medical record illustration.

Knowing what the doctor knows

Physician supports giving patients greater access to records, pushing back on concerns about potential impact of a scary diagnosis


Man holding a glass of alcohol.

Alcohol, sleep, and politics

New study suggests that divisive political events like elections can negatively affect one's sleep and emotional well-being


Song of the Cell book cover.

When our cells turn against us

They’re building blocks of life, Siddhartha Mukherjee says in his new book, but their vulnerabilities are also our vulnerabilities