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Having kids exercise an hour each day before school has been shown to lower BMI and encourage academic engagement according to a study by postdoctoral student Rachel Whooten.

Giving kids a running start

MGH researchers measure impact of before-school exercise program on emotional, physical health


Despite progress in recognizing and incorporating sex-based differences in the health of men and women, work remains, contend panelists British Robinson, Ana Langer, Jill Goldstein, Marjorie Jenkins, with moderator Sharon Begley.

When disease strikes, gender matters

Experts in Harvard Chan School discussion say research, treatment need to be more sensitive to differences between men and women


A new Harvard study suggests that people around the globe can identify lullabies, dancing songs, and healing songs — regardless of the songs’ cultural origin — after hearing just a 14-second clip.

Songs in the key of humanity

Some musical meaning may transcend cultural boundaries and be universally human, study says


Griffin the parrot

Discerning bird

Researchers’ African grey parrot puts (young) humans to shame in volume-focused tests


Image of doctor walking down corridor

When the doctor’s away

If fill-in physicians provide care, hospital mortality stays steady, study says