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Harvard biologist Jonathan Losos, pictured handling an American Crocodile skull at the MCZ, talks about his new book, “Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution.”

A new era in the study of evolution

‘Improbable Destinies’ author Jonathan Losos on Darwin, Gould, and how field experiments have transformed his discipline


Juliana Cohen, assistant professor of nutrition at the Chan School, says healthy school lunches, and more time to eat them, can have long-term effects on students' academic performance.

A long way from PBJ

Nutritious school lunches gain favor with students, Harvard expert says, as some districts hire chefs to assure food is tasty, too


A new study finds that the inherent complexity in birdsongs might actually be the result of a simple, controllable instability in the structure of the specialized organ used to create song.

Mimicking birdsongs

Researchers develop simple device to re-create complex avian communication