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Eggs stacked up.

An egg a day is OK

Latest study concludes moderate consumption not associated with cardiovascular disease risk


Adult and child wearing flu masks.

A big coronavirus mystery: What about the children?

Chan School’s Lipsitch says that and other key questions remain over China’s status, how bad the outbreak eventually will be in the U.S. and elsewhere, and most effective countermeasures


HBS Prof Willy Shih.

Coronavirus likely to infect the global economy

Business School's Shih expects disruptions for nations trading with China and for manufacturers dependent on it for components for electronics, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals


Renee Salas.

Heatwave = heat stroke = ER visit

Symposium connects the dots among climate change, patient maladies, and worsening burdens on health care systems


An older man jogging.

5 healthy habits to live by

Those who practice healthy habits at age 50 live more years free of chronic diseases


Overweight woman using scales indoors.

Troubling predictions

Close to half of U.S. population projected to have obesity by 2030