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Professor looks over the shoulder of grad student working in the lab

Gut microbes eat our medication

How one species of bacteria consumes the primary treatment for Parkinson’s disease could reveal more about how the microbiome impacts our health


Meats on a charcuterie board

Put down those cold cuts

Increasing red meat consumption, especially of processed meats, is linked with a higher risk of premature death


Compared with vitamins, dietary supplements for weight loss, muscle building, and energy were associated with nearly three times the risk of severe medical events in children and young adults.

A warning for youth

Some dietary supplements are linked to severe health events in children, young adults


feet walking in the grass

Walk this way

Just 7,500 steps a day lowers mortality in older women, study says



Mini-gut reaction

3-D model can study gene expression in autoimmune response to gluten


E-cigarette cartridges were found to harbor bacteria.

Bugged by vaping

Microbial contaminants found in popular e-cigarettes


Supermarket aisle with empty shopping cart

The dietary factor

Could a popular food ingredient raise the risk for diabetes and obesity?


A 1967 photograph, showing old cars used as rip-rap along the banks of the Cuyahoga to protect it from erosion is held in front of the river decades later.

Sparking a national debate

Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy reflects on the Cuyahoga River cleanup as a symbol for the nation's progress on clean water