Below are key areas of intensive, specialized coverage that demonstrate the breadth of life at Harvard and beyond.

A collection of stories covering Harvard University’s 366th Commencement.
A series on how Harvard researchers are tackling the problematic issues of aging.
Harvard has played a significant role in America’s military traditions since the founding days of the nation, and continues its historical and ongoing commitment to military and public service, as well as its academic contributions in areas like technology, defense, and diplomacy.
A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 365th Commencement.
Inequality is rampant in American life and is a key topic in the presidential campaign, but Harvard faculty members have been exploring its many facets for decades, and suggesting some solutions. To understand the scope of the problem, and to see what might be done about it, please start reading at the bottom of this page, and scroll upward:
A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 364th Commencement.
Leaders at Harvard in and out of the classroom tell their stories in the Experience series.
Harvard’s 12 Houses are home to the College’s upperclassmen. Over the years, the Gazette’s photographers have offered regular glimpses into the Houses, reflecting the living spaces and the traditions that shape the lives of generations of students. As House renewal continues, another chapter in the center of student life is captured, recorded, and preserved.
Harvard is increasingly entwined with Mexico, a nation of 122 million with more University graduates than any other Latin American nation except Brazil. In Mexico City, faculty and students study commuter traffic, low-income housing, air quality, and access to health care. Elsewhere in the country, Harvard projects relate to other subjects, including public art, rural medical care, Mayan ruins, freshwater contaminants, nutrition, and cross-border frictions.
Travel anywhere through a world increasingly interwoven by the Internet, commerce, and fellowship, and chances are that Harvard is there, whether through established programs and offices, or in the guise of field researchers, alumni leaders, and touring students. Here is a sampling of those myriad connections.
Harvard’s role in an increasingly connected world includes deep ties to Latin America, where faculty and students are engaged in a range of research projects and initiatives — from climate research in Brazil to disaster relief work in Chile to protecting Maya art and architecture in Honduras. Get an in-depth look as our stories unfold in this engaging series.
A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 363rd Commencement.
A collection of stories covering Harvard University's 362nd Commencement.