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Schenectady: (noun; shh-nook-uhh-daddy) The name of the street near our apartment that lets us know we’re not too far from home

Boarding our NYC bound bus at South Station

Spring Break 2012 kicked off with a long Saturday due to Harvard Dining Hall closures. The group of 11 of us were all excited to board our bus to New York City and fill our tummies with real food, but more importantly our minds with real knowledge! Our hearts remained at Harvard though since we kept referring to SoHo as Pfoho!! We’ll see how long it takes for the Big Apple to break into us.

It was a smooth 4.5 hour bus

A Lamont Bus?

ride from Boston to New York City, but our public transportation adventure didn’t end there! We headed straight to the subway terminals to purchase our weeklong passes. As simple as this may seem, the process took 45 minutes due to frozen credit and debit cards. The companies were very helpful and mindful that we were on Spring Break after a few quick calls here and there.

Our first NYC Subway Station!

Our growling stomachs were slightly satisfied as we entered our brownstone apartment rental for the week. The double floored, spacious condo was a beauty to the eye after squeezing shoulder to shoulder on the bus and subway. Dropping off our luggage and scurrying out the door, the group was determined to feast on dinner!

Besides the previous “family meals” that the trip directors have planned on campus, tonight marked the night of our first official family dinner in the city. After months of planning and organization, Spring Break 2012 had finally arrived and kicked off with a culturally immersive dinner at the highly rated Mediterranean restaurant: Balkanika.

mmmm First Family Dinner

With our taste buds content, we redirected our focus to pleasing our visual senses with a brightly lit stroll in Times Square. We had a smooth and delicious sampling of the city and are looking forward to more! Tonight, we’ll spend the night contesting the name: the-city-that-never-sleeps because we’ll need our beauty sleep for tomorrow when we visit Mt. Sinai and Columbia Medical School with a volunteer shift at God’s Love We Deliver between the two tours!


–Jeanie Nguyen

Harvard College 2014