Childhood cancer survivors may face shortened lifespan, study reveals
Posing the Big Questions
Treatment resistance in some cancer cells may be reversible
Building a better brain
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Media reporting HSPH professor to be named head of federal Medicare, Medicaid programs
Did rapid brain evolution make humans susceptible to Alzheimers?
Alzheimer’s for humans only
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Internet offers risks as well as benefit to patients
‘I thought a bomb went off’
Painkillers may lower risk of breast and ovarian cancers: Harvard researchers
60 minutes of exercise per day needed for middle-aged women to maintain weight
Harvard launches on iTunes U
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Replacing those saturated fats
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Polyunstaturated fats may cut risk of heart disease
Coming soon: Harvard garden
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New cancer drug screening method created
Playing on our instincts
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Two from Harvard honored for research in biological sciences
Epstein-Barr Virus implicated as a cause of MS
War-related stress associated with increased risk of asthma
Scientists discover how ocean bacterium turns carbon into fuel
Few U.S. studies compare one drug to another
Alzheimer’s-associated protein may be part of the innate immune system
‘Building back, better’
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Reflections on a catastrophe
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Weighing the risk factors
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Efforts to prevent childhood obesity must begin early
Warning: Your reality is out of date
Cambridge resident provides shelter for Haiti’s homeless
Reclaiming Port-au-Prince
Time to change the menu
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Working the night shift
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Farmer’s Tiyatien Health wins mental health competition
HMS names William W. Chin new executive dean for research
Ibuprofen May Help Stave Off Parkinson’s
The Haitian partnership
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Memories are made of this
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Report from Haiti
Harvard doctors in the field in Haiti
Paul Farmer, Haiti’s One-Man Health Organization
Hospital rises in the grass
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National Institute on Aging funds two new “Roybal Center” programs at Harvard
Poussaint to receive the Camille O. Cosby World of Children Award
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The hunt for healthy answers
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Open innovation challenge seeks solutions to type 1 diabetes
Learning beyond the gates
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Blood tells old cells to act young
Top surgeon Atul Gawande urges doctors to use ‘The Checklist’
Genes linked to breast cancer drug resistance
U.S. newborns are weighing less, study finds