Events on campus sponsored by the University, its Schools, departments, centers, organizations, and its recognized student groups will be published; events sponsored by outside groups cannot be included. Other local events involving faculty and recognized University organizations may be considered on a case-by-case basis. The deadline is Wednesday by 5 p.m. each week, unless otherwise noted. Please send questions to In the form below, you must choose at least one Type of Event; check all that apply. You may also upload photos for the online Calendar: In the first photo field, labeled "Event image," you need to upload a cropped thumbnail, which must be 70 px by 70 px at 72 dpi. In the second photo field, labeled "Detail image," you need to upload the full, uncropped image, which must be 400 px wide at 72 dpi. The image should be the same, just in two versions (thumbnail and uncropped). THEY NEED TO BE UPLOADED INTO THE PROPER FIELD. Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be used . If you have any updates, changes, cancellations, etc. after you have submitted an event, please email both and If you have at least 20 events to submit, see our guidelines for bulk calendar submissions. Thank you!