• Events on campus sponsored by the University, its Schools, departments, centers, organizations, and its recognized student groups will be published.
  • Local events involving faculty and recognized University organizations will be considered.
  • Unaffiliated local events may be considered for the calendar on a case-by-case basis, but are never featured.
The inclusion or exclusion of any event is at the sole discretion of the Harvard Gazette.

Instructions for Event Submission

We want your events to be as accurate and accessible as possible to ensure maximum attendance. Please consult the following instructions to ensure your event can be approved as quickly as possible.
  • Gazette Classification: You must choose at least one type of event under 'Gazette Classification', but you may check all that apply.
  • Photos: You may upload a photo to accompany your event submission. The ‘Event image’ acts as a thumbnail, and the ‘Detail image’ is the full size image. Both the ‘Event image’ and ‘Detail image’ must be of the same photo, but cropped to different specifications. Please be sure to upload the correct images in their corresponding fields. Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be used.
    • Event image (thumbnail), size: a minimum of 70px by 70px, resolution: 72 dpi
    • Detail image (full size image), size: a minimum of 600px wide and 400px in height, resolution: 72 dpi
  • Repeating Events: Do not use the "Specify end" field to indicate that an event will repeat. This sets the duration, which the calendar registers as the length of an individual event. It should almost never be longer than 24 hours. If an event is submitted with an excessive duration (e.g. 60 days), the event will be deleted and the contact person notified to resubmit. To make an event repeat, use the Repeat dropdown menu:
    • For events that repeat 7 days a week, select 'Daily' from the dropdown.
    • For events that repeat only on weekdays, or other non-consecutive schedules, choose Weekly from the dropdown and check off the applicable days.
    • Events repeating for longer than 120 days (unless the majority of those days fall during summer break) should observe the following rules:
    • Daily events: Choose Daily; set to repeat every 3rd day, regardless of actual scheduling.
    • 5–6 days/wk: Choose weekly, pick 3 non-consecutive days.
    • <5 days/wk: No additional action is required.
  • Contact: If you have any questions, updates, cancellations, etc. after you have submitted an event, please send an email to both calendar@harvard.edu and john_baglione@harvard.edu.
  • Bulk Event Submission: If you have at least 20 events to submit, see our guidelines for bulk calendar submissions.
  • Thank you!