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December 14, 2006

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December 14, 2006

Dyann Wirth
Bringing genomic weapons to the fight against malaria
Dyann Wirth is senior author of the study that offers the first map of genetic diversity of the malaria parasite. This work can rapidly translate to improvements on the ground, such as better diagnosis of specific malaria strains. (Staff photo Jon Chase/Harvard News Office)
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FAS recommends changing name from Division to School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Doctor fatigue hurting patients
Interns feel guilt, lose empathy

HSPH, Broad map malaria genetic diversity
International effort can lead to drug, vaccine insights

Obesity protects against breast cancer
Protection tied to age, hormones

Authors fight misinformation on stem cell science
Society's moving ahead with research as debate continues

Scholars examine past, present of flu pandemics
Seek lessons from broad range of disciplines

A short history: Psychiatry in modern Africa

Eclipsed for decades, Harvard's glass animals step out

Microsoft's Ballmer pulls out stops at HBS talk





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