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April 18, 2002

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Top stories for April 18, 2002

Globalized economy can lift poor, but can it quash terrorism?
Summers and Sen discuss problems of terrorism and globalization in post-Sept. 11 world

Once in a lifetime sight
All planets will be visible

Meditation dramatically changes body temperatures
Mind controls body in extreme experiments

Media, medicine, mechanical dinosaurs
Michael Crichton speaks at HMS

Harvard's oldest students honored
Nonagenarians honored for contribution to Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement

Robert Rubin Monica Toft Frank Siu and Masako Konishi
The word from Rubin Knowing one's enemy A few pointers
Harvard students are building a database of Dominican insects. The class combines high technology and field work with a real-world project: jump-starting a national insect collection.
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Other stories
Pusey remembered at memorial service
President Toledo speaks of battle against poverty in Peru
Bioterror threat shouldn't curtail liberties
Wan named CEO of HBS Publishing
Psychology professor Mahzarin Banaji probes prejudices we won't admit
American females at highest risk for murder
Graduate cyber-seminar breaks new ground

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