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February 14, 2002

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Glass Flowers bloom again at HMNH

The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants, better known as Harvard's famed "Glass Flowers," is back on display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History after a two-month absence while the gallery housing the treasures was remodeled.

The gallery's reopening was celebrated Friday (Feb. 8) with the Harvard Museum of Natural History's annual "Flower Power" Valentine's party. The Feb. 8 event attracted 800 people, including lifestyle guru Martha Stewart.

The renovation entailed replacing the existing carpeting, window treatments, painting, and lighting. The renovation also added additional interpretations of the famous collection, which is undergoing a separate conservation project.

The Mineral Gallery next door to the Glass Flowers gallery has also reopened. Parts of that gallery were closed during the renovation to house the cases holding the Glass Flowers while work on their gallery was completed.

The Glass Flowers exhibit is the museum's greatest draw. The renovation is aimed at improving a visitor's experience viewing the collection of glass plants. Though the collection remains in its original wooden cases, lighting has been improved to better illuminate the specimens and interpretive material has been added so that the public can learn more about the collection as they view it.

- By Alvin Powell

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