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April 12, 2001

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April 12, 2001


KSG forum proves TV viewers can call the shots
A four-member panel discussed issues ranging from diversity of television show casts to the depictions of AIDS and teen pregnancy on the tube. If viewers don't like what they see, the panelists advised, let the networks know.

Africa AIDS assault will depend on U.S. leadership
The future of the massive, international anti-AIDS effort outlined by 128 Harvard faculty last week lies squarely in the hands of the Bush administration, according to Center for International Development Director Jeffrey Sachs.

Be hopeful, be wary, energy experts tell Mass.
Panel warns Massachusetts to take heed of the lessons learned in California's energy crisis.

Center for the Environment is established
New center will draw on the strengths of and serve all of Harvard's faculties and will support the development of multidisciplinary approaches to the solution of complex environmental problems.

Photo of "Clothesline Project"
Take back the night
As part of Take Back the Night Week (April 8-14), The Clothesline Project was designed as a way for survivors of sexual violence to "air out their dirty laundry" - a way for survivors of a crime that is often kept silent to let their voices be heard. The project is on display in Harvard Yard through April 14. (Staff photo by Rose Lincoln)

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