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March 15, 2001

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Harvard Presidents Throughout History


Edward Everett Edward Everett (1794-1865)
Term of office: 1846-1849.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1811; A.M. 1814); University of Göttingen, Germany (Ph.D. 1817)
Professional background: Clergyman, orator, government official (with service in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Massachusetts governorship).
Immediate past position: U.S. Minister to Great Britain.
A(bbott) Lawrence Lowell (1856-1943)
Term of office: 1909-1933.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1877).
Professional background: Harvard government professor.
Immediate past position: Eaton Professor of the Science of Government (Harvard).
Jared Sparks Jared Sparks (1789-1866)
Term of office: 1849-1853. Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1815; A.M. 1818), Harvard Divinity School (studies, 1818; HDS did not grant degrees at this time).
Professional background: Clergyman, historian.
Immediate past position: McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History (est. and first held [by Sparks] in 1838, Harvard).
James Bryant Conant James Bryant Conant (1893-1978)
Term of office: 1933-1953.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1913, as a member of the Class of 1914), Harvard University (Ph.D. 1916).
Professional background: Chemist.
Immediate past position: Sheldon Emery Professor of Organic Chemistry (Harvard).
James Walker James Walker (1794-1874)
Term of office: 1853-1860.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1814; A.M. 1817), Harvard Divinity School (studies, 1817; HDS did not grant degrees at this time).
Professional background: Harvard professor.
Immediate past position: Alford Professor of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and Civil Polity (Harvard).
Nathan Marsh Pusey Nathan Marsh Pusey (b. April 4, 1907)
Term of office: 1953-1971.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1928), Harvard University (A.M. 1932; Ph.D. 1937).
Professional background: College president.
Immediate past position: President of Lawrence College, Appleton, Wis.
Cornelius Conway Felton Cornelius Conway Felton (1807-1862)
Term of office: 1860-1862 (died in office on Feb. 26).
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1827; A.M. 1830).
Professional background: Educator (with service on the Massachusetts Board of Education, as Regent of the Smithsonian Institution, and as president of a Boston physical-education society).
Immediate past position: Eliot Professor of Greek Literature (Harvard).
Derek Bok Derek Curtis Bok (b. March 22, 1930)
Term of office: 1971-1991.
Education: Stanford University (A.B. 1951), Harvard Law School (J.D. 1954), George Washington University (A.M. 1958).
Professional background: Lawyer, Harvard law professor.
Immediate past position: Dean of Harvard Law School.
Thomas Hill Thomas Hill (1818-1891)
Term of office: 1862-1868.
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1843; A.M. 1846), Harvard Divinity School (completed studies, 1845; HDS did not grant degrees at this time).
Professional background: Clergyman, mathematician, educator.
Immediate past position: President of Antioch College, Ohio.
Neil L. Rudenstine Neil L. Rudenstine (b. Jan. 21, 1935)
Term of office: 1991-2001.
Education: Princeton University (B.A. 1956), Oxford University (B.A. 1959; M.A. 1963), Harvard University (Ph.D. 1964).
Professional background: English and American literary scholar.
Immediate past position: Executive Vice President, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York.
Charles William Eliot Charles William Eliot (1834-1926) Term of office: 1869-1909 (longest presidency in Harvard history).
Education: Harvard College (A.B. 1853; A.M. 1856).
Professional background: Chemist.
Immediate past position: Professor of Analytical Chemistry (M.I.T.).
Lawrence H. Summers Lawrence H. Summers (b. Nov. 30, 1954)
Term of office: 2001-
Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S. 1975), Harvard University (Ph.D. 1982).
Professional background: Economics professor, served in a series of public-policy positions.
Immediate past position: Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

Harvard Presidents 1640-1845

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