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March 01, 2001

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Jackie Chan and Wendy Caceres
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan (above left) joins Wendy Caceres '03 in an impromptu (and surprisingly deft) dance step. With his debonair ways, Chan (above) manages to look dashing in the most mundane attire.

Chan charms at Cultural Rhythms

Photos by Bob Sheehan

The "world's most popular movie star" was the honored emcee at this year's Cultural Rhythms Festival. Actor, producer, martial artist Jackie Chan was named the 2001 Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation. Sanders Theatre was full to the rafters as Chan kicked off the colorful celebration of performing arts from around the world.

"Please work hard," Chan told the crowd as he accepted his plaque. "You are so lucky."

The theater came alive with dances and songs from student groups representing countries around the globe. Chan did a little singing and dancing himself, though he demurred when implored to display his martial arts prowess. "Right now," he said, "I'd rather be a singer."

Monique James Tonushree Jaggi
Monique James '03 (above left) is graceful, poised and barefoot as she performs with the Caribbean Club. The South Asian Dance Organization's fabulously attired Tonushree Jaggi '01 (above right) strikes a pose.
Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan Hawaii Club
Ballet Folklorico de Aztlan (above) fills the stage with a blur of swirling color. In grassy costum, the Hawaii Club (right) sings and hoofs to a complicated rhythm.

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