July 09, 1998
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General Records Schedule Released by University Archives

Harvard's General Records Schedule (GRS), which was formally approved by the secretary to the Corporation and the director of the University Library on Dec. 3, 1997, is being released by the University Archives.

The General Records Schedule provides University-wide standards for the retention and disposal of University records. The GRS describes records commonly held by University offices and covers records in all formats, such as paper, electronic, or any other media. It indicates which records may be destroyed and dictates the required life span for each type of record. The GRS also identifies those records of permanent value that should, at some point, be preserved in the University Archives.

The GRS was created under authority of a Corporation vote of March 13, 1995, mandating a comprehensive management program for University records. The GRS applies to all offices of the University, including faculties, departments, schools, institutes, and allied institutions.

In developing the GRS, the University Archives consulted with the Office of General Counsel, Internal Audit, and a wide variety of other offices and forums across the University. The retention and disposal guidelines are supported by references to the Code of Federal Regulations and statutes and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as recognized professional practices for records retention. Records schedules from other universities were also used as benchmarks.

For further information about the General Records Schedule, contact Reuben Ware or Bill Cleveland at the University Archives, 495-5961. Requests for copies may be made in writing to Records Management, Harvard University Archives, Pusey Library, Cambridge, MA 02138. For fax requests, dial 495-8011. The GRS is also available on the Harvard University home page at http://www.harvard.edu under "Administration."


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