June 12, 1997
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  FAS Prizes Awarded to Students for Academic Achievements

The following student prizes were awarded by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

Bowdoin Graduate Prize for an Original Essay in Greek. Graduate student Alexander Hollmann, a prize of $2,000, for an original essay in Attic Greek.

Bowdoin Undergraduate Prizes for Dissertations in English. Mark Greif '97 and Adam Kirsch '97 each received a prize of $3,000, a bronze medal, and a sheepskin certificate for his essay. Greif's essay is titled "Lest We Forget: American Press Responses to the Holocaust, 1945-1946" and Kirsch's essay is titled "Dante and the Pattern of Eliot's Four Quarters."

Bowdoin Undergraduate Prize for Attic Greek Translation. David Petrain '98, a prize of $1,000, for his translation into Attic Greek.

Bowdoin Undergraduate Prize for Latin Translation. David Petrain '98, a prize of $1,000, for his translation into Latin.

Boylston Prize for Elocution. This prize is awarded "for the delivery of memorized selections from English, Greek, or Latin literature" in the oratorical competition. Danton Char '98 received first prize of $300 for his delivery of a scene from Henry V and Kate de Lima '97 received second prize of $150 for her delivery of a scene from The Winter's Tale.

LeBaron Russell Briggs Prize. Taziona Chaponda '97, a prize of $300, as the member of the graduating class who delivered the undergraduate English oration at the Commencement Exercises.

LeBaron Russell Briggs Prize for Fiction. Eric Bennett '97 received first prize of $200, for his story "Shoobie Doobie Doo Wah," as the best work of prose fiction by an undergraduate. Sara Houghteling '99, second prize of $100, for "In Clear Lake There Was a Woman."

Edward M. Chase Prize. Graduate student Andrew Sabl, a prize of $2,355.56 (income from the fund), for his dissertation titled, "Political Offices and American Constitutional Democracy," as the best essay on a subject relating to the promotion of world peace by any student in the University.

David Taggart Clark Prize -- Latin Oration. Brian Dunkle '97, a prize of $300, as the student selected to make the Latin Oration at commencement.

James Bryant Conant Prize. Jenna Webster '97, first prize of $500, as the student who, as part of the regularly assigned work in elementary General Education and Core Program Courses in any of the natural sciences, submits one of the best essays on a subject of scientific interest. Elizabeth Ridlington '99, second prize of $400, Jennifer Lipkowitz '97, and Lenore Schnairsohn '98, third prize of $300.

John Clive Prize. Jessica Freireich '97, a gift certificate for books, a concentrator in history and literature for an outstanding thesis on a topic in British history or literature titled "Holding a Mirror up to Victorians: Shakespearean Characters in the Nineteenth Century."

Coolidge Debating Prize. Scott Chesin '98 and Debra Shulman '97 as the best speakers in the trial debates for the Harvard-Yale-Princeton Intercollegiate Debates.

Edward Chandler Cumming Prize. Mark Greif '97 for his essay titled "The American Transformation of the Holocaust, 1945-1965," as the best senior thesis by a concentrator in history and literature.

Edward Eager Memorial Fund. Tera Hong '98, Nell Freudenberger '97, Margaret J. Barker '98, and Daley Haggar '98, a prize given annually for the best creative writing. Hong received the award for her works "Earwig," "Balancing Knives, and other Tricks"; Freudenberger for "Real Life"; Barker for "Two Stories: Putney & Alice"; and Haggar for "Welcome to Kingston Jamaica Have a Nice Day."

Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize. Jim Cocola '98, a prize of $75, as the male member of the junior class at Harvard College concentrating in the field of history and literature who shows the greatest promise.

Albert M. Fulton Prize. Stefanie Bailey '97, a prize of $709.31 (income from the fund), which is awarded annually to the senior who submits the best thesis judged by its contents, research methods, and literary expression, in the field of sociology.

Lloyd McKim Garrison Award. Joyelle McSweeney '97, a prize of $650 and a silver medal awarded for the best poem, for her work "Reading Giotto's Stigmatization of St. Francis."

Graduate English Commencement Oration Prize. Jamila Jefferson, a prize of $300, as the graduate student who delivers the Graduate English Part at the Commencement Exercises.

Jane C. Grant Junior Prize in Women's Studies. Janna Hansen '97 and Amy Isikoff '97, includes a certificate and cash prize, awarded to the senior with the best overall academic performance in the women's studies concentration.

Kate and Max Greenman Prize. John Bronsteen '97, Scott Chesin '98, Katie Gallagher '00, Karthik Muralidharan '98, Christopher Russo '97, Debra Shulman '97, medals awarded to those students in Harvard College who participated in the Harvard-Yale-Princeton Triangular Debates.

Seymour and Ruth Harris Prize. Matthew Gentzkow '97, a prize of $2,274.42 (income from the fund), for his thesis titled "Land Tenure Security in Jamaica: The Role of Legal and Customary Norms in the Small-Farming Sector."

The Harvard Monthly Prize. Nell Freudenberger '97, income from the fund ($496.28), as the student in the most advanced courses in English competition who shows the greatest literary promise.

The Roger Conant Hatch Award for Lyric Poetry. Joyelle McSweeney '97, a prize of $50, for writing the best lyric poem, "Caught," presented at the annual competition. James Wilson '00, second prize of $25, for "Cliff-jumping."

Clemens Herschel Prize. Fotini Katopodes '97, a prize to be used for the purchase of books, as a meritorious student registered in practical hydraulics.

Charles Edmund Horman Prize. Lauralee Summer '98, a prize of $1,762.51 (income from the fund), as a junior student who excels in creative writing and who best personifies the ideals and sense of values that were held by Charles Edmund Horman

Delancey K. Jay Prize. Michael Vorenberg '97, a prize of $2,230.84 (income from the fund), for his senior thesis, titled "Final Freedom: The Civil War, the End of Slavery, and the Thirteenth Amendment," judged the best essay written by any student in the University "upon any subject relating to the history or development of constitutional government and free institutions in the United States or Great Britain or any other part of the English-speaking world at any period of history."

George Arthur Knight Prize. Karim Al-Zand, a prize of $1,553.59 (income from the fund), for his composition titled "String Quartet," judged the best composition in instrumental music by any University student.

Morris Kronfeld Prize. Gabriel Hanz '97, a cash prize, as a graduating senior in the Department of Economics who has shown great academic improvements during his undergraduate years.

Newbold Rhinelander Landon Memorial Scholarship. Diana Alexandra Gibson '97, income from the prize, awarded for her serious interest in classical thought, with especial regard to her intention of studying law or following certain advanced courses to prepare for service to the state.

Doris Cohen Levi Prize. Catherine Elizabeth de Lima '97, a prize of $500 and a certificate, as the "undergraduate woman with the most talent and energy for musical theater and for Radcliffe."

Hugh F. MacColl Prize. Brent Auerbach '97, $645.58 (income from the fund) for his original music composition titled "Three Movements for Woodwind Nonet."

David McCord Prizes. Salley Janet Koo '97, Shoshana Dobrow '97, and Michael Rescorla '96, prizes of $25 or $50 and a book plate, awarded to undergraduates who have shown unusual creative talent in writing, drama, music, painting, drawing, or sculpture.

Tazuko Ajiro Monane Prize. Grace Chen-Ju Sheen '97, a cash prize as a student who completed two years of Japanese language study, at least one year with high distinction, and was enrolled in a third year of study.

Susan Anthony Potter Prize in Romance Languages. Marya Cohen '99, a prize of $2,000, for the best essay on a subject dealing with Spanish literature of the Golden Age.

Robert Fletcher Rogers Prize. Christopher Degni '97 received first prize of $291.15 for his talk "Pfun with Squares: Pfister's Theorem" and Elizabeth Mann '97 received second prize of $145.58 for her talk "Spin Art: The Geometry of the Three-Dimensional Spin Groups." Degni and Mann received this annual prize for the best presentations before the Mathematics Table.

The Robert and Maurine Rothschild Prize. Rachel Silverman '97, a prize of $300, for her senior thesis titled "Translating Race: Race Types, Blood Types, and Taxonomy in the 20th Century," as an outstanding honors thesis in the field of the history of science.

Sales Prize. Danielle Cleary '98, a prize of $1,516.45 (income from the fund), for the best undergraduate scholar in Spanish, "who shall have commenced the study of that language at Harvard College and whose scholarship shall be determined by his proficiency in Spanish composition."

John Osborne Sargent Prize for Translation of a Lyric Poem of Horace. Matthew Carter '98 for the best metrical translation of a lyric poem of Horace.

Winthrop Sargent Prize. David Hillman, Ph.D. (1997), a prize of $1,000 awarded annually for the best essay relating to Shakespeare or Shakespeare's work, for his essay "King Lear: The Body Possessed."

Carl Schurz Prize. Peter Hamel '00, as the student who passed the highest examination in elementary German at the midyear examination.

Barbara Miller Soloman History and Literature Senior Prize. Thomas Madsen '97 received a cash prize as the male member of the senior class at Harvard College whose honors thesis titled "Das Deutsche Schauspeilhaus: Discourses on War and Nazizeit in Hamburg Theater, 1945-1962," is, in the judgment of the Committee of Degrees in History and Literature, of high distinction.

Adelbert W. Sprague Prize. Graduate student Lansing McLoskey, a prize of $737.96, for his orchestral composition titled "Prex Penitentiales: The Prayer of Petrarch."

Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts. Matthew Saunders '97, a prize of $1,000 honoring the sum of his activities while at the University. Saunders is recognized as the most outstanding artistically talented student.

Sumner Prize. Josephine Andrews, $7003.19 (income from the fund), for her dissertation titled "Legislative Instability: The Dynamics of Agenda Control in the Russian Parliament, 1990-1993," for the best dissertation written by any student in the University from the legal, political, historical, economic, social, or ethnic approach dealing with any means or measures tending toward the prevention of war and the establishment of universal peace.

Tau Beta Pi Prize. Francis Alenghart '97, a prize of $100, as an undergraduate showing excellence in engineering sciences.

Alexis de Tocqueville Prizes in Social Studies. Janna Hansen '97 and Jedediah Purdy '97, as the graduating seniors in the social studies program who have written the senior essays of highest distinction. Hansen for her thesis "'The Role for Which God Created Them': Women in the United States' Religious Right" and Purdy for his thesis "Essays in Flesh and Bone: Montaigne, and Liberal Moral Consciousness."

Toppan Prize. Graduate student Michael Hiscox, $2,349.86 (income from the fund), for his dissertation titled "The Trade War at Home: Factor Mobility, International Trade, and Political Coalitions in Democracies."

Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting. Jeffrey Beals '97 received the second prize of $200 for his essay "The Works of J.D. Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut: A Collection of Books and More." Scott Rifkin '97 received an honorable mention prize for his essay "Evolution of a Book Collection."

Philip Washburn Senior Prize. Carlton Larson '97, a prize of $1,309.46 (income from the fund), for his honors thesis titled "Constructing Treason in Revolutionary Pennsylvania."

Barrett Wendell Senior Prize. Victoria Cain '97, for her essay titled "So Fleet the Works of Men: Denver and the Tabor Grand Opera House."

Barrett Wendell Sophomore Prize. Stephen Shackelford '99, for his essay titled "Hiding Behind 'Reason': Coming to Terms with the 'Madness' in Us All."

John H. Williams Prize. Jeffrey Gell '97, a cash prize, as the honors senior in economics with the best overall record.

The Lenore Wilson Prize. Flora Zhang '00, as a student in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies who has done superior work in the area of printmaking.

Wister Prize. James A. Parson '97, a prize of $596.89, as the senior concentrating in mathematics who had the highest record in his field of concentration.

Allyn A. Young Prize. Jeffrey Gell '97, a prize of $400 and a book on economics to be chosen by the recipient, for his thesis titled "Are Corporate Governance Mechanisms Substitutes? Pay-to-Performance Incentives and Bank Relationships in Japan."


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