June 06, 1996
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Garden to be dedicated in memory of former employee

A garden dedication in memory of Maura Scanlon McRae will take place at Peabody Terrace on Thursday, June 13, at 3 p.m. McRae was assistant vice president of residential planning and services. The dedication will be sponsored by Harvard Planning and Real Estate.

Transplant donors needed

Each year 16,000 Americans discover that they need bone marrow transplants. Alan Kuo '85 is one of them. He was diagnosed last year with leukemia. Friends of Kuo's -- other Harvard alumni -- have organized a donor recruitment drive to coincide with Harvard's reunion weekend. Anyone interested in becoming part of a potential bone marrow donor registry is invited to visit Boylston Hall, Rooms 10 and 11, on Saturday, June 8, from 9 a.m. to noon. Participants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, sign a consent form, and give a small amount of blood.

Commencement orators named

The names of this year's Commencement Parts orators and the titles of their speeches are: Latin, Alexander G. Kozak, "De moribus Harvardianis"; English (undergraduate), John D. Heller, "On Not Leaving"; English (graduate), Yellow Light Breen, "Baring Our Soles."

Mind/Brain/Behavior section awards first certificate

Aaron P. Goldberg '96 has been awarded the first certificate in Mind/Brain/Behavior from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Committee on Neuroscience and the University's Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative. The certificate is awarded to undergraduates who concentrate in one of four participating tracks, complete four specific Core course requirements, and write an honors thesis on a topic in mind/brain/behavior. Goldberg is a history and science concentrator in the Mind, Brain, and Behavioral Sciences track. He wrote a thesis on "Naturalism and the Problem of Phenomenal Consciousness" (Professor Robert Nozick, adviser) and received a Hoopes Prize for his research.

Class of 1956 welcomes honorary classmate

The 1956 Fortieth Reunion Report contains an unusual entry from an honorary classmate: Neil L. Rudenstine. The President was invited by the class report editor Stephen Greyser (professor at the Business School) to submit an entry. It reads, in part: "Since I am an honorary member of the Class of 1956, I had the misfortune to miss your company at Commencement in Cambridge forty years ago. . . . I have managed to attend five consecutive Harvard Baccalaureates and Commencements since then, in order to atone for my initial negligence."


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