May 30, 1996
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37 Women Named Bunting Institute Fellows for '96-97

Historian Barbara Smith, poet Gail Mazur, composer Shih-Hui Chen, peace activist Fran Peavey, computer scientist Margo Seltzer, geologist Allison M. Macfarlane, sculptor Elizabeth King, and sociologist Linda Blum are among the 37 women who have been appointed 1996-97 fellows at Radcliffe College's Bunting Institute. The fellows, who come from the United States and abroad, represent Harvard, Tufts, Southern Illinois, and Virginia Commonwealth universities; the University of California, Berkeley; Massachusetts General Hospital; Wellesley and Bowdoin Colleges; Brookline Public Schools; New England Conservatory; and the Whitehead Institute. Their yearlong appointments begin on Sept. 15, 1996, and end on Aug. 15, 1997.

Pursuing individual projects that promise to make significant contributions to their fields, the Bunting fellows work in a unique community that fosters intellectual discourse and mutual support among women from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. In the words of Bunting Institute Director Dr. Florence C. Ladd, "Our mission is to nurture genius."

The Chronicle of Higher Education described the Institute as a place where "lives get turned around, books get written, discoveries are made, all the result of time spent among intellectual peers."

Fellowship programs include the Science Scholars Program, funded by the Office of Naval Research; the Biomedical Research Program funded by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund; the Radcliffe Junior Faculty Fellowship Program; the Peace Fellowship; the Berkshire Summer Fellowship funded by the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians; the Children's Hospital/Radcliffe College Joint Fellowship on Family Violence; and the Marian Cabot Putnam Fellowship for professional women in the field of infant and child development.

The Bunting Institute, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year, is world-renowned as the largest multidisciplinary center of advanced studies for women scholars, artists, activists, and scientists in the nation. Among the 1,200 Bunting alumnae are author Alice Walker, psychologist Carol Gilligan, former Vermont governor Madeleine M. Kunin, performance artist Anna Deavere Smith, visual artist Carrie Mae Weems, marine biologist Sylvia Earle, geophysicist Marcia McNutt, educator Sara Lawrence Lightfoot, literary scholar Barbara Johnson, and social activist Mamphela Ramphele.

A complete listing of fellows and their project titles follows:

Amy Andreotti, Science Scholar (Chemistry), Harvard University, Exploring the Three-Dimensional World of Proteins; Paula Bennett, Fellow (American Literature), Southern Illinois University Dissenting Angels: The Emergence of Modern Subjectivity on American Women's Poetry, 1850-1900; Linda Blum, Bunting Fellow (Sociology), Tufts University At the Breast: Mothers, Babies, and Breastfeeding in the Late Twentieth Century United States; Jane Bowers, Fellow (American Literature), John Jay College of CUNY, Instant Acts: Performative Poetics, Performance, and Contemporary American Poetry; Cecilia F. Bucki, Berkshire Summer Fellow (U.S. History), Fairfield University Defining the Public Good: Class, Taxes, and Municipal Politics in the Great Depression;

Sean Burgess, Science Scholar, (Molecular and Cellular Biology), Harvard University, Pairing of Homologous Chromosomes in S. cerevisiae; Joan R. Butterton, M.D., Science Scholar (Medicine), Massachusetts General Hospital, Cholera-vectored Delivery System for Pertussis Antigens; Mary Carlson, Science Scholar (Cognitive and Neural Sciences), Harvard Medical School, Neuroendocrine Regulation, Growth, and Behavior in Institutionalized Infants and Children; Maud H. Chaplin, Fellow (Philosophy), Wellesley College, The Meaning and Value of Privacy in the Technological World; Alexandra Chasin, Fellow (Cultural Studies), Boston College, All Other Things Being Equal: Studies in U.S.-American Material Culture; Shih-Hui Chen, Bunting Fellow (Music Composition), Independent Composer, Aunt Tiger: A Taiwanese Musical Drama; Joanne D. Cohn, Science Scholar (Physics), University of California, Berkeley, Field Theoretic Aspects of Bubbles in the Early Universe;

Nancy P. Genero, Marion Cabot Putnam Fellow (Social Psychology), Wellesley College, Mutual Psychological Development Among Latina Girls; Celeste Goodridge, Fellow (Literature) Bowdoin College, Performing Lives: Biographers, Subjects, and Readers; Farah Jasmine Griffin, Evelyn Green Davis Fellow (Cultural Studies/Afro-American Studies), University of Pennsylvania, Lady of the Day: Billie Holiday--An American Icon; Barbara Gullahorn Holecek, Fellow (Film/Video Making), New England Research Institute, Listening to Africa: First Person Accounts; Caroline Hoxby, Bunting Fellow (Economics), Harvard University, Increasing Competition in the Market for Higher Education: Effects on Tuition, Salaries, Endowments and Research Innovation; Veronica Von Moltke Jochum, Fellow (Music Performance), New England Conservatory, The Exploration of Clara Schumann's Piano Works Through Study, Performance, and Recording;

Jane Kamensky, Fellow (History), Brandeis University, Governing the Tongue: The Politics of Speaking in Early New England; Janis Kapler, Bunting Fellow (Economics), University of Massachusetts, Boston, An Empirical Analysis of Intra-Firm Capital Flows: Toward an Improved Theory of Transnational Corporations; Elizabeth King, Fellow (Visual Arts/Sculpture), Virginia Commonwealth University, An Intermedia Approach to Figurative Sculpture; Jytte Klausen, Fellow (Political Science), Brandeis University, Shared Growth: Political Compromise and Economic Regimes; Anne-Francoise J. Lamblin, Biomedical Research Fellow (Molecular and Cellular Biology), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Functional Analysis of the Cell Death Protein Reaper; Kunxin Luo, Biomedical Research Fellow (Molecular and Cellular Biology), Whitehead Institute, Analysis of the TGF-beta Receptor Signal Transduction Pathways; Allison M. Macfarlane, Science Scholar (Geology), George Mason University, Geologic Aspects of High-level Nuclear Waste Disposal;

Gail Mazur, Fellow (Poetry), Emerson College, A Book of Questions; Amy E. Stevens Miller, Science Scholar (Chemistry), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spectroscopy of Metal-Methyls; Annette Morreau, Bunting Fellow (Music History), Morreau Productions LTD, Emanuel Feuermann; Fran Peavey, Peace Fellow (Peace Studies), Crabgrass of San Francisco, Water as Metaphor for a New Social Ethic; Lauren Rose, Science Scholar (Mathematics), Wellesley College, Algebraic Combinatorics of Multivariate Splines; Julia Scher, Bunting Fellow (Visual Arts/Mixed Media), Massachusetts College of Art, Surveillance Studies; Jennifer Schirmer, Fellow (Peace Studies), Harvard University Divinity School, Those Who Die for Life Can Not Be Called Dead: Strategies of Nonviolence by Relatives of the Disappeared in Latin America;

Margo Seltzer, Radcliffe Junior Faculty Fellow (Computer Science), Harvard University, VINO: A New Operating System Architecture for Research in Operating Systems and Databases; Barbara Smith, Bunting Fellow (Cultural Studies/History), Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture African American Lesbian and Gay History; Judith Steinbergh, Fellow (Education), Troubadour, Inc. & Brookline Public Schools, A Developmental Approach to Teaching Poetry; Angela J. Verdelle, Bunting Fellow (Fiction), Independent Writer, The Science of the Nineteenth Century; and Kath Weston, Fellow (Social/Cultural Anthropology), Arizona State University West, Gender Identified, Identity Commodified: Gender Theory for the Twenty-first Century


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