May 16, 1996
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Academic Prizes Awarded by Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has awarded the following academic prizes to students:

Academy of American Poets. Remy Elizabeth Holzer '96, a cash prize, for poems entitled, "Current, 'Now, Voyager' Fantasy" and "from Four Dream Songs 4. Tore his page out."

Bowdoin Prize -- Undergraduate English. Ogilvie Andrew Fraser Wilson '96, a prize of $3,000, for his essay "Writing under Authoritarian Regimes: Argentina's Silent Discourse of Power from 1976 until 1983." Edith A. Replogle '96, a prize of $3,000, for her essay " 'So that One can Begin Again': The Reconstruction of Identity in German Diaries from 1945."

Bowdoin Prize -- Undergraduate Natural Sciences. Jun Song '96, a prize of $3,000, for his essay "Theory of Magnetic Monopoles and Electric-Magnetic Duality: A Prelude to S-Duality."

Bowdoin Prize -- Graduate Natural Sciences. Jason Felsch, a prize of $3,000, for his essay "Src: The Protein that Transformed Cell Biology."

Boylston Prizes for Elocution. Douglas Miller '96, a first prize of $300, for his delivery of "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift. Chimene Keitner '96, a second prize of $150, for her delivery of The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

LeBaron Russell Briggs -- Fiction Prize. Mark Greif '97, a first prize of $200, for "A Human Instrument," as the best story written by an undergraduate in the College during the year. Karen Sophia Lewicki '96, a second prize of $100, for "London Calling."

Lloyd McKim Garrison award. Fabian Giraldo '97, a prize of $650 and a silver medal, for his poem " 'Ocean Landscape with Request' -- to Virginia Woolf."

Harvard Monthly Prize. Patrick Yachimski '96, income from the fund ($464.08), as "that student in the most advanced courses in English composition who shows the greatest literary promise."

Roger Conant Hatch Prizes for Lyric Poetry. Martha Weiss '97, a first prize of $50, for "1945," as the best lyric poem presented in this competition. Vlatko Balic '97, a second prize of $25, for "International Blue Machines."

Charles Edmund Horman Prize. Trieu Phong Truong '97, a prize of $1,806.55, awarded to a junior who "excels in creative writing and who best personifies the ideals and sense of values held by Charles Edmund Horman, to provide financial assistance in the senior year."

Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts. Matt Haimovitz '96, a prize of $1,000, in honor of the sum of activities of a graduating senior of the most outstanding artistic talent and achievement in the composition or performance of music, drama, dance, or the visual arts.

Toppan Prize. Carles Boix, PhD '95, income from the fund ($2,091.03), for his dissertation "Partisan Strategies and Supply-Side Policies in Advanced Nations," judged the best essay or dissertation upon a subject of political science.

Elizabeth Wilder Prize. Flora Chao '99, income from the fund ($1,866.53), as the "Freshman needing financial aid who passed the highest examination in elementary German at the midyear examination.


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