March 28, 1996
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ARTS FIRST Grants Awarded

From a presentation of orchestral works composed by undergraduates to a theatrical performance of a T.S. Eliot poem, a workshop on traditional Chinese knotting and calligraphy, and a figure drawing marathon, Harvard and Radcliffe students are preparing a multitude of innovative projects for the fourth annual ARTS FIRST festival with the help of funding from the Office for the Arts.

The Harvard Council on the Arts has awarded 27 grants, representing more than 65 percent of all applications, to student projects that incorporate artistic merit, originality, the involvement of a large number of undergraduates, cultural diversity, and a high level of visibility.

The Council includes Ivan Tcherepnin (chair), S. Allen Counter, Alfred Guzzetti, Robert Kiely, Arthur Loeb, Claire Mallardi, Myra Mayman, Jill McCorkle, Jane Nichols, and Jeff Nichols. ARTS FIRST is a two-day festival that celebrates the Harvard and Radcliffe arts community and seeks to celebrate Harvard and Radcliffe undergraduates and faculty in the arts. This year the event will be held April 25-28. Please call the OFA at 495-8676 for more information.

Projects receiving funding for ARTS FIRST are:


Arts First Dance Festival, Ilanna Bavli '96: $1,000 for a four-hour festival of 14 student dance groups.

Crimson Dance Team Dance Festival, Crimson Dance Team and Hsin Chau '98: $100 for a performance of five original works.

Mainly Jazz Dance Concert, Mainly Jazz Dance Company and Gayle Squires '96: $100 for costumes for company piece, student-choreographed works, and a collaborative piece with the South Asian Dance Organization.


After the Rehearsal, Harvard-Radcliffe New Media Front and Hans Canosa, house tutor: $250 for adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's film After the Rehearsal for the stage, which will involve simultaneous presentation of the play and videoed segments of rehearsals and interviews with the actors.

Intimate Interior/Exterior Reflections, ANE Collective 96, Currier House students, and Patrick Meagher, GSD: $250 for installation that explores light as a medium for creating space, the abstraction of bathroom/mirror spaces, and self-examination.

The Investigation, Strategic Offense Society and Jacob Silber '96: $250 for performance of Peter Weiss's compilation of Frankfurt War Crimes Trial testimony involving multiple forms of audio and visual media.


Arts First Prism Concert, Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, Harvard Glee Club, Radcliffe Choral Society, and Benjamin Fenton '96: $1,200 for concert presenting a continuous stream of sound involving the three Holden choirs, the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, the Harvard Wind Ensemble, and other student ensembles.

Drums in the Sun, Charles Kapelke '96: $50 for outdoor performance incorporating drum sets, African hand percussion, Latin percussion, and Indian tabla drums.

Undergraduates Composers' Reading, Toscanini Chamber Orchestra and Hubert Ho '98: $200 for performance of chamber orchestral works all composed by undergraduates.


Diary of a Madman, Joe Levy '97: $50 for staging of Nikolai Gogol's story exploring a descent into madness.

Dionysus 96: A Virtual Return?, Mather Drama Society and Daphne Lei, drama tutor: $150 for student-written and -directed play examining gender, cultural identity, generational dynamics, and theatrical traditions in the age of AIDS.

Doing It In Ten Minutes or Less: A festival of one-act plays, Harvard-Radcliffe Playwrights' Society and Betty Shamieh '96: $100 for festival of student-written one-act plays.

Performance of T.S. Eliot's Poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," Danton Char '98: $50 for a theatrical performance of T.S. Eliot's poem.

Shakespeare in the Yard, Class of 1999 and Jessica Hammer '99: $100 for original musical composed, written, directed, and performed by members of the class of 1999 in Agassiz Theatre.

William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Hyperion Productions and David Speedie '99: $100 for outdoor production by Shakespeare company comprised of members of the Class of 1999.


Bhangra Collaboration, Mainly Jazz Dance Company, South Asian Dancers, and Natasha Bir '96: $100 for jointly choreographed work using Bhangra music from India and Pakistan, to be performed at ARTS FIRST dance festival.

Capoeira: Volta do Mundo, Harvard Brazilian Organization and Aaron Myers '97: $50 for collaboration with group from Central Square to perform a 17th-century dance (capoeira) and traditional songs.

Chinese Arts and Crafts Workshop, Chinese Students' Association and Michael Chang '98: $200 for workshop on traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and knotting.

Kathak Dance Performance, South Asian Dancers and Natasha Bir '96: $100 for performance of traditional North Indian/Pakistani dance in ARTS FIRST dance festival.

Martial Arts Fan Dance and Ribbon Dance, Asian American Dance Troupe and Cecilia Chan '98: $180 for performances in ARTS FIRST dance festival of Martial Arts Fan Dance and Chinese Ribbon Dance set to music by a contemporary artist.

Second Annual Harvard Native American Powwow, Native Americans at Harvard-Radcliffe, Harvard Native American Program, and Pablo Padilla '97: $200 for event featuring traditional and contemporary Native American dancing and singing at Radcliffe Quadrangle Athletic Facility.

Spring Concert '96, Harvard-Radcliffe Ballet Folklórico de Aztlán and Faustino Ramos '96: $100 for annual event involving dance, song, and poetry.

The Magic of the Middle East: A dance performance, Society of Arab Students and Betty Shamieh '96: $50 for performance in ARTS FIRST dance festival incorporating traditional Middle Eastern folk dancing and belly dancing.


Connections, Anna Chai '98: $200 for construction of jungle gym based on the structure of an icosahedron which will serve as an interactive sculpture.

Drawing Marathon, Mather House Drawing Studio and Mia Ruyter, arts tutor: $280 for two three-hour figure drawing workshops at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts taught by professional guest artists.

The Photographs of the Harvard Photography Journal, Harvard Photography Journal and Zachary Sifuentes '97: $100 for exhibition of original prints by student photographers.

Window on Widener: Looking In, Seeing Out, Ted Mulkerin '96: $100 for production and outdoor screening of short silent film about Widener Library and the myths and stories of students' uses of the library.


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